Customer care

L'assistenza Menozzi gioielli è a vostra disposizione.
In caso di necessità è possibile contattare il Servizio Clienti all'indirizzo: o al numero: +39 075 395432.

The care that you must have for your Menozzi jewel, must be the same that is used for any other fine jewelry. It should not come into contact with chemicals and/or cleaning products, acids, solvents, etc. It is highly recommended not to apply creams, perfumes or hair spray after wearing the jewelry.
These products highly aggressive, can deteriorate in a short time the silicone, the leather and other materials used, causing weakening, yellowing, loss of consistency, breakage, detachment of stones, etc.
We recommend periodically to take care of your jewelry, very gently wiping with a soft damp, silver and/or metal parts to maintain its brilliance.
Damages caused as a result of inadequate treatment cannot be recognized.

The company guarantees for two years from the purchase date found on the warranty card, that its products are tested for quality and free from defects in material and/or production, when used according to their normal intended use.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by normal wear, abuse or misuse of the product.
The guarantee does not apply to products on which third parties have made changes or repairs and for products that have been misused after purchase or have been treated carelessly.
Where is recognized the origin of defects, the company shall, through your Jewelry confidence shop and our dealer, free of charge repair or replacement with the same article or an equivalent, depending on the availability of product or the spareparts.